"Urbancode attracts a lot of attention from celebrities and the press for its style trends without compromising on quality or price."


Urbancode was created in 2008, in one of London’s design houses. The brand has evolved towards women’s clothing with an emphasis on artificial fur and outerwear. The design team has won critical acclaim for their ability to combine seemingly contradictory styles, prints, moods and references into a focused vision to create unique and beautifully crafted women’s clothing. Urbancode’s designs combine originality with modernity, everyday versatility with the desired chic. 

With over 30 years of experience in designing and producing high quality materials, we can guarantee the utmost care in each of our styles. Urbancode reinforces its position as a premium lifestyle brand, created using the highest quality materials, filling the gap between high-street and high-end. Urbancode has won the recognition of many of the best boutiques in the UK, Europe and the world.